The Best Gifts for any Time of Year

Perhaps a little late for this year but, like a puppy, these thoughts are for life not just for Christmas.

This Christmas Day I’ve tried to pay attention to the gifts I’ve most enjoyed giving and receiving and the answers were surprisingly simple to find; books and experiences.

The value of books is incredible when you stop to think about it. The time and effort that goes into creating a work of fiction or non-fiction and the enjoyment or utility that can be gained can’t really be matched. Life changing insights, exploring new worlds, discovering the limits of human experience can all be found in books. This year I received Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris ,which I suspect might become a bible to me, and the Booker Prize winner by Paul Beatty, The Sell Out. I can’t wait to get my teeth into both.

Giving a well thought out experience is also incredibly worthwhile. People often retreat into a well worn path in life so gifting a new experience can be refreshing or transformative for the recipient. The gift needs to be well chosen. I gave my parents a behind the scenes tour of an attraction that they often visit; paint-balling for two could have ended in disaster.

There’s my advice; if in doubt gift a book or an experience. Many people don’t need more “stuff” in their lives but everyone has space to learn or have an adventure and that’s what makes life richer.

Happy Christmas and feel free to read my other posts and comment!


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