Live to Work or Work to Live? Why This Question is Irrelevent

Most people have heard the saying “Work to live, don’t live to work”. The logic of perceived wisdom has generally resonated with me and I felt like I should be aiming for this lifestyle where my working life, my job, was just a means to fund the rest of my time which, according to this saying, should be my true life.

For reasons probably related to the pressure of social norms and my competitive nature I haven’t achieved this state; I have led a career focussed life. Continue reading

The Importance of Boring Old Consistency When Striving for Our Dreams

A lesson that I have picked up from lots of the books and podcasts that I have listened to recently is the importance of consistency when we are aiming for a particular vision.

What does that mean?

It seems that many successful people appreciate the value of the long game; the war of attrition, often against ourselves, when we are trying to achieve a dream. Continue reading

How an Average Film Helped Me Realise the Importance of Every Second

A short post today on a sobering thought I had over the Christmas holidays and that I have pondered a little since.

While watching a film I had the realisation that I would almost certainly never see that film again. It isn’t that it was bad, it is just that with such a huge amount of art to be experienced, it is very unlikely that I will devote another two hours of my life to that particular film. The same can be said for most films, and books and even many places that I visit. I may well never see the Pyramids of Giza again, or read Macbeth again or see the Grand Canyon again. Continue reading

The Social Media Backlash and Why Blogging is the Future

When Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone would have 15 minutes of world-fame I suspect he didn’t foresee the opportunities that we now have to publish to a wide audience so easily and continuously. We can now experience our own little piece of fame 24/7 through social media, albeit usually on a relatively small scale.

I also suspect that he couldn’t foresee the effect that this small scale fame would have on some of us. Continue reading

Ibiza Clubbing and Questioning Social Norms – Why Following the Crowd isn’t Always for the Best

I’m in my mid thirties and I like to go clubbing. Once a year I like to go clubbing in Ibiza because it’s one of the few places where music, people, weather and a liberal attitude combine in perfect harmony.

It makes me happy and harms no one, so why do some people say to me “Why are you doing that? You’re too old. You’re just trying to relive your youth”?

Their comment is a result of something ingrained and unquestioned in their perception of the behaviour of others. Continue reading