About this blog

I’m starting this primarily as a mental exercise on the recommendation (not personal) of Seth Godin. I want to experience the benefits of having to create something that is worthy of “publishing” every day. Even if no one reads this (which seems likely) the exercise of sharpening my thoughts and writing something which there is the possibility of someone reading should be valuable. That’s the theory at least.

What will I write about? Could be anything but my interests are philosophy (at a beginner level), politics, business, beer, sport, weight training, reading (sci if as some might guess from the blog name…), business, self improvement, physics, biotech, nature, food, technology. So I guess this won’t be the most focussed of blogs.

If I grow from this, I would class that as a success. If just one other person finds anything that I write cause for thought, I’d class that as a big success.