Reflections on the First Week of an Anonymous Personal Blog

I’m one week into doing this daily blog – what do I think of it so far?

Beyond the technical, learning-something-new element of actually starting a blog (which was really very easy with WordPress) I have found it enriching.

I am in my mid thirties (looking at things in a glass half full way) and have a fairly broad view of life in terms of reading, travelling, work and experience; therefore I have ideas. I think I see patterns in things and solutions to problems. Are any of these thoughts new to the world? Probably not many, if any, but some might be, and could even be of value, but they are usually lost when I fall asleep at night. The feeling that some of these thoughts are now being recorded is somehow cathartic.

One of the most interesting aspects has been gaining an insight into the fallibility of my reasoning if left purely in my head; it seems that my mind fills in blanks with blanks. I believe that I have a fully formed, rational idea but it actually isn’t until I have worked it through properly in the process of writing it down. In hindsight I’ve found this when articulating ideas and thoughts; they sometimes don’t come out of my mouth as well as I thought they would. Once written however, they do. Writing makes you fill in the blanks in thoughts and ideas that you don’t realise are there and I think that could be incredibly valuable in the long term.

I guess the next step could be to try to get some readers who can react to and critique what I write. I had no intention of promoting this blog because it is a personal exercise rather than a business, but I now understand that that isn’t the sole reason to want an audience. This in itself is a small revelation and I’ll have to ponder whether and how I might try to find some followers.

If anyone in the future does read this and wants more information on the benefits of blogging for yourself, this blog post by CJ Chilvers explains Seth Godin’s view on blogging using quotes from the man himself. I’d recommend a read and also looking at Seths daily blog.

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